cpu fan cooler dfs200005ar0t-fkmy for hp 14-cf 14-ck 14-cm 14-df 14-dk 14q-cs 14q-cy 14s-cf 14s-cr 14s-cs series

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cpu fan cooler dfs200005ar0t-fkmy for hp 14-cf 14-ck 14-cm 14-df 14-dk 14q-cs 14q-cy 14s-cf 14s-cr 14s-cs series

Technical Details:

Manufacturer Part no:L23189-001 6033b0062401 6033b0062501 dfs200005ar0t-fkmy TPN-I130
Model for:HP 14-cf000 14-cf100 Series
hp 14-ck000 14-ck100 series
hp 14-cm000 14-cm100 series
hp 14-df000 14-df100 series
hp 14-dk000 14z-DK000 series
hp 14q-cs000 14q-cs100 14q-cs200 Series
hp 14q-cy000 series
hp 14s-cf000 14s-cf100 series
hp 14s-cr000 14s-cr100 Series
hp 14s-cs000 14s-cs100 Series
hp 14s-df000 series
hp 14s-dk000 series
hp 14z-cm000 14z-cm100 series
hp 240 g7 series
hp 246 g7 series
Voltage:DC 5v 0.5A
Connector:4 pins
Condition New
Warranty:6 months

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Note: High temperature harms very many components of your laptop. The battery, whose cells die when exposed to heat. The processor, whose computing power is severely affected by excessive temperature. So good cooling is very important for your laptop to function reasonably! And this important function is performed by the cooler. If this is completely or partially defective, or too noisy, a replacement should definitely be made as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage to the laptop. With the processor cooler offered here, you provide your device with immediate relief thanks to maximum cooling effect! Never expose your device to direct sunlight!

Recommendation: Please compare exactly the mounting points and design of this fan / cooler, because many manufacturers install different cooler models!

With the purchase option: Incl. assembly -installation, a complete internal cleaning of the device is carried out.

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